Who We Are

Seasonal blueberries, free range eggs & local honey, produced with 💛
by hard working bees

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We are dedicated beekeepers who love farm life and the land that nourishes us. Along with bees, we have chickens and a couple of attention-loving dogs. And don’t forget the peacock: he’s almost as handsome as he thinks he is!

What We Produce

We’re a small-time honey producer looking to offer honey, eggs, and seasonal u-pick options. Subscribe to our calendar or our newsletter (below) to stay abreast of what we have to offer.

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How to prune a pear

This thorough, to-the-point video by Gary L. Heilig gives the how, when, and why of pruning pear trees. He also gives some excellent recco’s on tools as well. While this video is about pruning a large pear the wisdom also applies to other food-producing trees. Enjoy by clicking here!

We’re open…

…in spite of the heat, rain, deer flies, & state “bird” we’re open every Tuesday & Saturday, or by appointment, until the blueberry harvest is done. Right now the bushes are LOADED! We also have eggs, and honey–raw, local, pure–pulled from the hives this week. See you on the farm!