Big Daddy goes to Big Branch

The flock is slowly migrating from River Ridge to Big Branch. This week Big Daddy, by far the biggest rooster in the flock, got moved along with his hens.

Big Daddy is a Pearl Orpington. Orpingtons tend to be docile which is why he’s a lover, not a fighter. He was happy to find himself separated from the other roosters, who kept him separated from the lady birds when they shared the same run.

Here at the Apiary we’ve separated the flock: White Rock, Pearl Orpington, and Whiting True Blue. We also separated the turkeys from the smaller birds because Toms can be grumpy.

The hens lay eggs in a rainbow of colors. If you’re interested in fresh farm eggs we sell them for $2 a dz. Currently you can pick them up at 105 Hazel Dr, 70123 or at 61690 Bremerman Road, 70445. We deliver in a limited area ($5/dz). Contact us for more info: email at, via social media, or text/call 713-825-1003.

Big Daddy

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