January 1st: Have a Plan

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” ~ Abraham Maslow

In 2020 my husband and I purchased what would become Big Branch Apiary, roughly 46 acres of dense, ancient forest nestled against a wildlife refuge an hour’s drive north from New Orleans.

Within two years of purchasing the Apiary we had sold a spacious house in New Orleans, moved our marriage and three dogs into a tiny RV, and rolled through over $600,000 in pursuit of a dream. Some people said we made a mistake, some said we were too old, and some people got it. That is all irrelevant. Going into the third year we have no buyer’s remorse. We are both healthier than two years ago. We still plan, scheme, and discuss the projects on the farm with enthusiasm, and we look forward to eventually designing our home without hating our current situation. There is something intoxicating about having purpose and purpose is worth sacrificing for.

Big projects are made up of small parts and today’s parts include planting out some bunching onions and artichokes. Yesterday it was large-leaf spinach, purported to do well in winter, and mixed lettuce greens. The garden isn’t going to plant itself so sowing future meals is a priority.

One of the most important things I’ll do today is to review my one, five, and 10-year plans. I do it quarterly and it’s something I’ve done for decades. Reviewing my plans–goals that support what I deem my purpose–keeps me focused and constantly assessing where I expend energy. If you read yesterday’s post you probably surmised that I love a list. This love was reinforced by a study I came across in my 20s about the difference in success between those who write down goals and those who do not.

Is it the writing down that creates success, or do those who succeed tend to write things down? I don’t know but I am the champion of forgetting, even the really important things, so I list my goals and the steps needed to achieve them so they don’t get misplaced in a dusty corner of my mind. You can find a great article on the psychology of writing down your goals here.

What does this have to do with a year in the life of Big Branch Apiary? The Apiary became a goal on my list. And now things like finishing the Primordial Tea Room (our name for the greenhouse) and making the chickens more profitable, are on the list.

What are some of your goals? It might be a goal related to health or having a certain GPA. Maybe you want to strengthen friendships or go on an epic adventure. Whatever it is, write it down. Then write down the steps needed to get you there. And finally, share it. Share it with friends, on social media, or here in the comments–sharing your goal with others is another way to help ensure they are more likely to happen.

For now my goal is to get these onions in the ground. I wrote it down, I told you about it, and now it’s go-time in the garden.

Don’t waste another moment. Step towards your dreams if you are lucky enough to have them.

Sunrise over the blueberry fields at Big Branch Apiary.

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From L.A. to LA... I'm a New Orleans based artist and writer.

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