A rare bee siting

While enjoying the blooms of a buddleia I noticed this lovely bee on one of the flower clusters. The bright green of the bee and soft lavender of the flowers were a beautiful compliment to each other. And for once nature cooperated, the green bee sitting still while I fished out my phone to get some shots.

Big Branch Apiary is a registered Monarch Waystation so we’re always adding flowers to the bug smorgasbord. This week we planted quite a bit more asclepias as well as this Buddleia Davidii “Glass Slippers.”

Kudos to Google for the great camera on the Pixel 5. And to the bug for not flying off.

Rare bee indeed. It turns out that my rare green bee was actually an Atylotus–nothing but a d@mπ€d horsefly.

Published by c ben-iesau

From L.A. to LA... I'm a New Orleans based artist and writer.

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