December 31st: closure & reflection

“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.”   ~Francis Bacon There is a rhythm, a reliable cycle to life and I believe that nowhere is it more apparent than it is on a farm. And though Nature sometimes acts up–like last week’s temperatures that bounced around the low 20s and mid-30s for days; like a rainContinue reading “December 31st: closure & reflection”

USDA bulletin on the avian flu outbreak.

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Fragile, but determined

Our turkey hens, usually excellent mothers, had to deal with a move in the middle of nesting season. As a result, they were forced to leave nests half full of their clutch–usually around 10 eggs for these hens–and start fresh in an unfamiliar coop. As a result they frequently changed nests, laying their eggs randomlyContinue reading “Fragile, but determined”